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iWatch Programs Are Making A Difference Across The Nation.

We're pleased that we can report that iWatch is a success. But that success comes from partners like you. Partners that use the app to report suspicious behavior or criminal activities.

It's really simple to use and absolutely free of charge.

Imagine what the power of iWatch could bring if everyone used it in their neighborhoods.

In just over 3 years since iWatch was launched. We've accomplished great things.

More Than...
In Siezed Money
And Drugs From Arrests.
Crime Tips
Received From The App
Almost One Arrest Per Week.
Arrests Made From Tips
We're Just Beginning.
One Million Downloads Is Our Goal. Let's Work To Make It Happen!
Where Your Tips Go Once Submitted.

We're pleased to be supported by the entire community.

iThinQware, Creators of the iWatch application for public safety, in partnership with school districts across Nation have partnered to provide iWatch for K-12, a new tool that allows Houston students to report crimes in and around their campuses via an application on their mobile phones.

i-Watch, now in its second year for Law Enforcement, is a free mobile app that lets citizens send anonymous tips, images and videos about crimes or suspicious activities directly to law enforcement.

Since it's launch in September 2011, the app has yielded over 25,000 tips. This year alone use of the app has esulted in $4.8 million in asset forfeiture from money, property and drug siezures over the past 4 months.

Don't see your school district? Invite them to Join.

Get Involved


A simple observation, a single report
can help solve or prevent a crime.

Use iWatch In
Your Neighborhood.
  • Call The Tip Line
  • Send A Text
  • Use The App
  • Use Your PC
You are the eyes and ears of your community. Your awareness of suspicious behaviors and activities and reporting it to the police can help solve crimes or prevent crimes.
Use iWatch
In Your School
  • Bullying
  • Narcotics
  • Weapons
  • Abuse or Mischief
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Use iWatch
In Your Business.
  • Risk Management
  • Shoplifting
  • Property Crime
  • Community Engagement
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Use iWatch
To Stay Informed.
  • Safety Alerts
  • Crime Reports
  • Safety Fairs
  • Missing Persons
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The app is free. But the impact is priceless.

Make the Promise. Make the Difference.

Million App Promise Partners

We're pleased to partner with some of America's business and trade associations.

Many support iWatch with special pricing and promotions. Click on each partner link to learn more about these Million App Promise Partners. NOTE: These are not real, but are for position and design only
Benefits of Partnering.

What You Receive as a Million App Promise Partner.

Click to play the promotional strategy video produced by the
Creators of iWatch, iThinQware, Inc., of Dallas, TX.


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Public Safety Video

All you need is the iWatch app to have the power of information right at your fingertips. The power to report what's happening around where you live, work and play. The power to know what kinds of crimes have been committed in area you might be traveling. The power to make informed decisions about where your life, leisure & loved ones should or shouldn't go.

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